Market Day

I pretty much had a hotel holiday in Grenada...some of it self induced, and some of it because my husband was not able to take a minute off. Well, that's not true, he took Saturday and Sunday off....but being the typical women that I am, it wasn't enough for me;) I had the impression he'd have evenings off, but most of the time he didn't so it was just Aubrey and I. I'm happy to report Zach got A LOT done while there(he better have;)) and because of all the hotel time, Aubrey is WAY more brave in the pool and swimming like a fish...well, a fish with floaties:)

There was some confusion about the school buses. We used to use them all the time while in Grenada, but the security guards at the school gates thought that they were the Swiss Guards guarding the Vatican. No joke, never seen someone take such a job so seriously. Needless to say, me not having a bus pass, I thought that using that as a mode of transportation was out of the question. And we're too poor for taxi's, so I thought I was out of luck.

Well, in true Grenadian fashion, we were not informed by the people at the hotel(or anyone else for that matter) that I could get a guest bus pass...grrrrr. I found this out on the Wednesday before we left for home because I was so desperate not to spend another lonely day at the hotel pool! Aubrey on the other hand would have been fine with that one!

And after all that, if I would have been able to get out of the hotel, down to our old stomping grounds in Grand Anse...I would have to take a Reggae Bus to St.George's...and that was OUT of the question(by myself anyway). Oh the Reggae Buses....Death on wheels.

Let's just say this..... Aubrey + Grenadian traffic + likes-to-wander-but-never-in-a-straight-line-ways = stressed-out-sweaty-hot-Jen

I remember Lisa telling me, back in the day, that as a mom, when you are over heated, you become a monster. This was proven to me as I was hollering at Aubrey after the 15th time she almost got hit be a car(even in the more civil Grand Anse area) and I was thinking to myself, 'Ain't no way I'm taking this child into the chaotic St.George's by myself! NEVER!' ....As the millionth drip of sweat went spewing from my body.

Enter poor Zach. He was being pulled in tons of directions. I was unhappy with his working ways, but the poor man had no choice in the matter.

That's what he was here for...that's why we had the paid trip...

I knew all this logically, but Logic was not my friend in Grenada.

Anyway to make a long story....well...longer... He ended up getting a few hours free on the last day and took his poor, sad, pathetic wife to the Market for a few hours! Hurray! Pictures, finally...I'd already shot every angle of every plant, palm tree, sunset, at the hotel. Something new! A friend drove us in and she's into photography too, so she stopped on the way a few times for me(I love it when they get it!). Here are some scenes from the Grenadian Market...enjoy...

This is probably my favorite shot of the day...I love the colors on the doors! the ever classic 'nutmeg' :) Found out this was cocoa...who knew?! Yes, that is raw meat hanging off the counter with flies on it....let's just say that some things, most things, haven't changed here.... My little baby girl who was hot and tired and decided to have a little seat on the ground....pretty sure Zach had three consecutive heart attacks.


Amy said...

Wow... So many things are in my head trying to get out... Okay that sounded strange... Your pictures absolutely amazing! I love the doors. You need to have that developed into one of those huge canvas prints. That would be so lovely.
Aim sorry you were feeling lonely.. You know I would have gladly accompanied you...

And I have to tell you this...
Every night while you were away.. After we had prayed at bedtime.. (maddie and I) we always prayed for you guys as a family... Anyway. It would go something like this. I would say amen. Maddie would say, mommy we have to pray for Aubrey. Why maddie
She is going to run into the street. She needs to obey her mommy. . Ok Maddie. So I would then pray for Aubrey to be obedient to her mommy and daddy and to never run into the street. Amen.
That prayer request happened every night from the day you left till sat night and then it ended. It did not make sense to me but I prayed it with her anyway.
God is so amazing. He talks to our little ones and we just need to hear them, to hear Him. I am sitting here with teArs rolling down my checks, these two little girls are intercessors and prayer warriors at two and three. What amazing plans does God have for them!
I can't wait to get-together.... Maddie is still hacking.

Jen said...

I read this to Zach last night and he loved it! Still can't believe it, or kids are so amazing:) Amazing who God works through!
I was thinking the same thing for the door picture! I want to get it blown up on canvas....some shots just work out perfectly don't they?!

Marcy said...

That was a long blog post. I'm sure it was really good....but since I don't read, I would like to comment on the pictures! Gorgeous! Love you!!