As Good As I Remembered It....

I just looked around me and realized that Aubrey and Zach were sleeping and I figured that there was no better time to try and blog! I fired up the old laptop and what do you know?!? I had an internet signal!! Yay...all the planets must have aligned for me;)

I wanted to share my best moment in Grenada so far....well, there have been tons, truthfully, but this was the best "reliving-the-past" moment for me!

You know when you hype something up in your mind or you remember something with such fondness that it starts to take on a hazy glow and nothing about that particular memory is bad...almost creepily so? Well, for me that was La Boulangerie. I don't know what it is about this little restaurant, but it holds a special place in my heart. It could be the countless times I met my good friend Lisa there for cappuccinos, breakfast, pizza(you name it we had it there!)...could be it was the date night destination of choice for Zach and I every friday night, but most likely it was that they had the best foam EVER on their cappuccinos...not sure, but I was sure that if I went back, it would be the same...and it was!

This time though, I didn't meet Lisa there:( She and I used to 'buy' each other cappuccinos, in the end I'm sure it worked out to be even, but it sure was fun pretending we weren't broke and could do things like buy each other things on a whim!

Aubrey had not had breakfast yet this morning and was NOT in the mood to take a picture! Just a wee big grumpy.

I'm happy to report that the foam on these suckers has yet to be surpassed!

Oh man....pretty sure I got some funny looks for taking so many pictures of my cup:)

I was in my glory!!

And the breakfast....oh the breakfast....SO GOOD!!!

I was just missing my Lisa:(

But don't worry, I had a cappuccino for you Lis'!!!


Amy said...

Umm Yummmmmm! Looks fab.
By the way your hair looks awesome. Love it. And you are tan! Lucky you! Thank Zach for turning the camera on you!

Astrid said...

Was it everything you dreamed it would be?!?! Sounds like that AND more. Weird to think that the last time you were there, the Aub-meist was enjoying that cappuccino in vitro. And there she is. Grumpy and looking beautiful. Where has the time gone?!? And yes. I too am not happy about your tannage, and the lack of mine. I think a sunbed is in order for me.........