Back in the Saddle....

I figured that I do a quick Grenada update while I have an internet signal....Grenada is giving us a nice welcome back by having some serious hit and miss internet! Ahhhh we're back:) So far we've been having a blast and Aubrey is in her glory at the pool and beach every day(all day)! Zach's been really busy so far, going to meetings, doing presentations and writing papers....so he's pretty much in his glory too! We haven't seen him much, but we'll see him more from now on because all the Head Honchos/Big Wigs are flying home. Yay for us!!
Aubrey and I have not left the hotel yet! We're just swimming, eating and having a great time! This weekend Zach has a few days off and we're gonna head out and hit some of our old haunts...I'm so looking forward to it! Here are a few pictures from Monday...the only ones I have loaded up yet....so there are WAY more pictures to come...assuming I get an internet signal again;)


Sean and Kristin said...

Yes! A Grenada update! Love it! I've been thinking about you guys down there...enjoy and can't wait to see all the pics! Again, SO jealous!!

Amy said...

Ooooh it is so lovely! I am soooo jealous as well.... Umm seriously no cooking for two weeks.... I think you may be in heaven.......lol
Miss you... Love the lil turnips flip floppers. ENJOY.

Ps Dom wants to know if the rebels are up in the palm trees.... He s so crazy.

P s s send some warm weather back home man it is cold and windy here.

Laura Jo said...

Can we say JEALOUS?! It is beautiful as always! Aubrey looks like she loves it too!