The Puzzler...

Aubrey's latest obsession is puzzles(along with the newer window clings...or 'gooey sings' as she likes to say. Not so good with the th's, this one). I got the idea from a friends blog(thanks Laura!)whose little girl loved them. I was looking for new ideas for play time(seems I'm always looking for those) and puzzles seemed like a great option. She needed something challenging, I was noticing her getting bored with the easier/non thinking toys.
Little did I know what kind of addict I'd create!
And yes Astrid, she still bites her hands when excited...it's more of a hold-them-to-her-cheeks kind of a thing now....how do I get her to stop this?!?
I found this wooden Dora/Diego one at a TJ Maxx and it has four puzzles in a nice sectioned off wooden box! They had me at organized:) And it was a good deal too, that always gets my Menno heart swooning.
She's become so good at doing the puzzles, I wish there were more options between the 25 piece and 100 piece ones...can't find any around here. She is always so proud when she finishes a puzzle and likes to point out the next one on the picture that she wants to do

Now if I could just figure out how to get her to stop pretending that she doesn't know how to do the puzzles while we're doing them together! I'm always at my breaking point, I can't handle it! Why do kids do this?!? I know she could do the puzzle with her eyes closed. I guess she just gets way too much enjoyment from messing with me. grrrrr


Sean and Kristin said...

she is so funny!! i love how she shared the unwanted colors with you haha! and i love that picture of her being excited!

Amy said...

lol Oh she is too cute. I love when she gets so excited that she bites her hands... CUTE