Bargain Shoppin'

Aubrey was begging for these window clings the other night in Target. I'm trying to cut down on buying random things for her because I don't want to spoil her and, lets face it, even the dollar things add up! So I threw them in the cart for the time being and was going to remove them later once she had forgotten about them:)
I noticed they looked Valentine's Day themed so I decided to check the price, in case they were on sale....my Menno radar was on.... and they were! Even I can afford 19cents! I figured that I'd have them on hand and pull them out when I was out of play ideas for her... happens often.

Oh Man were they ever a hit! She played with them for almost an hour solid when I first pulled them out. That same day when she woke up from her nap, walked out of her room, dropped her blankie on the floor and walked straight to play with them again...for another hour!

You'll have to excuse the windows...Aubrey thought that she needed to clean them with her wipes.... don't they look awesome?!? I don't have the heart to tell her to stop because she thinks she's being so helpful by cleaning them. I don't want her to ever lose that enthusiasm! I'm going to need all the cleaning help I can get if I keep up with my psychotic cleaning tendencies!

I guess purple really is her favorite color:) She pulled these out and played with them and left the other colors to "share" with me(you can see it in the picture above this one)! Classic!

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Amy said...

Seriously .... Nineteen cents. I think you do have some crazy sort of radar!