I Love Me Some NYC!

So the reason I've been MIA is Zach's brother and soon-to-be wife came for a visit:) They've never been out here before and showing people around this area for the first time, specifically NYC, is SO much fun!! I love love love being able to see people's faces as they see New York for the first time. Jordan and, more specifically, Ashley did not disappoint! Ashley was literally jumping around and bouncing with joy! Zach and I still feel that way when we go into NYC and to see others enjoy the wonder and excitement as much as we do, it's magical!
This particular trip in was added to our "firsts" list because of all the snow! We had yet to see Central Park in the snow, and I was jumping around and bouncing with joy over that....and being able to take more pictures of the park that we love so much! Jordan and Ashley got engaged a few months ago and Zach decided to volunteer me to take their engagement picture! Are you kidding me?!? I told them that I'd take their picture without the "engagement" in front....too much pressure for me! I do like how they turned out, and pretty much love all the shots I took in general that day. The weather was gorgeous, perfect for taking pictures:) Hope you enjoy....

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Amy said...

Dag nabit.... You are just getting better and better and better and better yet! I love your amazing eye for detail!
I wish you sere staying in NJ so we could become partners in Photography! Seriously we could have ROCKED that!
I love your engagement photos! They are beautiful!