Some Finished Projects....

I finally finished the table runner that I was working on for Zach's mom. Yes, the one from Christmas:) Better late than never right?? I decided to go with a plain edge(no binding) because it suits Zach's mom more.....not because I'm lazy....nope, not lazy at all.
I love the way it turned out.
I went with the "stitch in the ditch" method instead of the quilted look. The joke was on me because it seemed way harder to sew in the "ditch" then working the quilted look.
I was also commissioned to make an apron and double oven mitt for someone (not going to say who because it has yet to be given) and I just made them up as I went along, gathering inspiration from a few blogs I've seen and one (oven mitt) that I bought in England.
It felt really weird to have someone think I was good enough to make a gift for someone else...weird.
Got back on the "yo-yo" bandwagon! I love how easy they are to make and they look so cute!

the set:)
Jordan and Ashley brought all the Canadian candy that I requested....I'm officially in my happy place!


Amy said...

Your runner looks awesome, Zach's Mom is going to LOVE it! I your apron and oven mitt. Greta fabric! You should whip up a few more of those babies and open up an etsy store...... And i love yo yos as well. Nice job, Jen.

Astrid said...

Look at you go, little sister! Where is all this talent coming from?!? It completely by-passed me, and got heaped on to you in the truck loads! That table runner is just zuper fantastisch, and Youdit is going to be over-the-moon excited to get her presents. She was out all day on her birthday yesterday, so we're heading there today to give it to her. I'll fill you in on her reaction. It will be good.
Aniya hasn't stopped using her farm house as a bag since she got it, and pulling the animals out, getting me to make all the sounds, and then shoving them all back in again, is what I seem to be spending most of my days doing. She sure lurves it! And Cobs said he was going to take the compass to town today, so we didn't get lost. Right.
Speak soon :) x x

Laura Jo said...

Love all your creations! Apron is super cute!

Marcy said...

I'd like to think my special story got you craving for the coffee crisp! Hope you're enjoying them!