Soooo Not Too Cool....

...for carnations. I used to think that I was, but at $5 a bunch? I'm over it. For some reason I had something against them, maybe because whenever I saw/received them they were an awful red color and mixed with babies breath...yup, pin-pointed it, that's why.
Who knew that they came in all these wonderful colors and in mini versions and...CHEAP?! After being married to a student for 7 years and not being able to work because he moved me to random places where it was frowned upon, downright illegal even... you find that things that you were too cool for in the past, become an awesome treat now. In this category falls(in no particular order); hot water in the kitchen, apples, washer and dryer in the building(!!!), seasons, garage saling, cheap flowers...the list goes on and on.
I know it's a random list, but it's true one. And I try not to take these things for granted.
But back to the carnations....these things don't die! They're like poinsettias, they keep on ticking! I for one, will never again guffaw at a carnation again....unless it's an awful red color....mixed with babies breath... Hey, I can't change all at once.


And speaking of too cool, Aubrey was under the impression yesterday, that she was too cool for her nap. She stayed awake in her room asking to get out and making every excuse in the book to try and get out and I held strong! For an hour and a half she fought me. Now, I know that some of you might be thinking that maybe she's trying to phase out her naps and to you I say, I'm not ready for her to phase out the naps! NO WAY! I'm not ready for the grumpus that she becomes if she misses her nap. So I held firm, and WON!!
And when I finally went in after a long time of it being quiet, this is how I found her! How does she fall asleep like that??
And just so you are not thinking I'm totally mean, she fell asleep in minutes for today's nap, proving that she was just testing me yesterday.

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Sean and Kristin said...

Isn't it amazing all the things that continue to be treats... like a whole aisle of cereal instead of just the one box of Fortunate Trinkets, the availability of milk, etc etc! That picture of Aubrey is hilarious!!!! Love it!!