...of Spring! We just had a dump of freezing rain last night. That's enough to have you in LaLa-Land thinking about cardigans and flowers! I'm so ready. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, LOVE it. But the cold that goes with it? I'm kinda done with that. Not built for it one bit. I'm always freezing in the winter. You'd figure that I wouldn't have a problem with it since I lived in perpetual Summer in Grenada for two years, and that was not fun either.
On second thought, I'll take the cold! Thinking of Summer all year round....now that I'm really done with! So I'll take the cold... but only here in the North East because it means three more glorious seasons that go with it! Seasons like... SPRING!! Which I can officially now say is my favorite!
I'm ready for this!! ~~Taken in Central Park~~
And this! ~~Taken in the Lake District in England~~
And this! ~~Taken here in NJ on a walk around my little town~~
Yay for Spring!!
In other news...
I remembered the tutorial that this necklace was from....

And the tutorial for binding a quilt was on here.


I haven't tried to do it yet following this tutorial, but I read it over and she seems to have explained it really well.... also there are a lot of pictures and that's how I really learn:)


Amy said...

Beautiful pictures as always Jen! I am ready for Spring to come as well. I still have all my snowmen up around the house though, i put them away the last week in Jan.

Esther said...

thanks Jen!