Fresh Snow:)

So we had another big dump of snow last night, something like 8 inches. This snow isn't ever going to melt! It keeps building on itself, crazy!
These pictures are not from today, they're from a few snowfalls ago.

Aubrey woke up in the middle of the night and had a fever, seems fine now, but she's not going to enjoy this snowfall today...wish me luck trying to convince her to stay in!

Couldn't you just squeese those cheeks?? I love the random pictures that you capture that make toddlers still look like the babies they used to be.... Who me?! Want another baby?? Noooooo;)

We had a big extensive talk with Aubrey about how she can only eat fresh snow.... she's having a tough time with that one, but this snowfall had plenty for her to eat! She was in her glory!

Oh man I love this kid! She's such a poser, everytime she sees the camera she grins! We went to take her passport photo a while back, we thought she'd have a rough time with the concept of not smiling. But luckily she's a brilliant kid(nope, I'm not biased) and she got it. It was sooo funny to watch too. She just stood there....not smiling.... not turning away from the camera.... with Zach and I laughing like crazy at the face she was making ... and she didn't crack! Not one bit, just stoic as can be. She's always surprising us! And when it was all done, she didn't smile for a while(strange for her) like she was scared to get in trouble from the photographer.

This was the bad storm that had NYC outta commission for four days. We had to wait until the day after the blizzard to have the snow plow come, which is so weird because they always plow over and over through the snow. It's hardly ever a problem to drive here because they are so good at it.

Aubrey was so excited to be able to make a snow angel! She made them all over the yard...when she wasn't busy eating snow....

I guess I had cold weather on the brain when we were playing with Play-doh after:) Everything I made turned into some form of winter wear!

*****For some reason my spell check is not working. So you're going to have to forgive me. Spelling is NOT my strong suit:(

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Amy said...

Well, I hope you are ready for some more snow because 20 inches more are on the way for Tues into Wed.... Great pictures as always. I love when they still look like little ones. So precious.