Georgia???? Georrrr-giaaaaa.....

Georgia IS on my mind....{name that song!}
Our life is going to take another crazy turn in a few months...
Zach has officially matched in Urology!
I could not be more proud of my man, he works so hard and deserves every bit of praise he gets! And the lucky town/state that is going to host us for the next five years is Augusta, Georgia:) That's right, the home of the Masters...and peaches....
Not only did he match, he matched at his first choice! I wish I could even remotely translate what that means! He was going against the odds being a foreign grad, but top that up with being a Canadian?? Amazing! And it can wholly be contributed to hard work and God! The best combo out there:)
It's going to be a huge change and a mega adjustment, but it's happening whether we are ready or not! At least we have a few months to get used to the idea(he starts in July). I believe Zach's exact quote was, "I'm 28 and I finally know what I'm going to be when I grow up." Too funny, and so true! It has been a very long road and we are ready to take this next step.
Now if I can just wrap my head around moving away from this wonderful place.... We have made so many wonderful friends, found such an amazing church and have really settled here in NJ. We've never really felt that anywhere else and that's going to be a hard thing to give up. We are both having a hard time thinking of leaving, but we really feel that this is where God wants us and where he is leading us. For the first time...probably, well, ever; we have wholly, fully, prayerfully put something in God's hands. Seriously, you know when you think you are trusting God and really you are trying to do most of it yourself and when the end results happen, well, it all kinda feels off? That didn't happen this time. What an amazing feeling it is! Why don't we always do this?? As hard as leaving is going to be(and believe me... I'm dreading it), knowing that what we are doing is totally God's plan and pleasing to Him is going to really soften that blow.


Sean and Kristin said...

Congrats again to you guys and amazing work Zach!!! We are so happy for you and perhaps we will have to plan a trip to Georgia after you settle in :)

Amy said...

As hard as it is knowing that you and your lovely family are going to be going. It is so wonderful and such an amazing example of how you both put your lives in the Lord's hands. You fully trusted and relied on Him to put you where you were meant to be.
Oh, one more good reason for Georgia (besides God's plan , the Master's & Peaches.... )
Paula Deen! Whoopie.
I say our first road trip for fabric and photos will be have to include Lady and Son's restaurant! YES!

The End.

Astrid said...

Can't believe you guys are going. Man, and we haven't even come to check out your digs in NJ yet. What is that all about?!?!? Working on it sister!
Take every opportunity to do something fantastic while you are still in NJ, and soak up all that you can. You've made friends for life, and that doesn't change, even if your address does! x x

Jen said...

Thanks guys! You're all so sweet! Astrid, it's your blog comment debut! They're welcome anytime;)