All I got for ya...

So I'm not sure what's going on... I can't seem to get the pictures that I loaded up onto my computer to show up on my blog uploader place thingy.
Why do I get these curve balls thrown at me all the time?? For once I want to load my pictures up onto my computer and blog them....that's it! That's all I'm asking for!
Ok, rant over.
Now, I happened to have a bit of a lightbulb moment and remembered that I had plonked some pictures onto my desktop and here they are! Ah-ha! I beat the system! Victory....kinda:)
They're SOOC, which is a good thing because I went a little crazy with the "blurred edging" and "boosting" so these will be refreshing:)

My good friend Amy and I went to Amish country in Lancaster PA for a night this last weekend. We had a child-free, fabric buying, picture taking, amazing time, and it was glorious! I've never had a friend that had the EXACT same interests as me...seriously...it's kinda creepy! As the weekend went on, we found out more and more things that we have in common.
As Amy said, when you meet someone that is a "Kindred Spirit" like that, it's a complete gift from God! He put us in each others lives now for numerous reasons and I'm so thankful he did!
I seriously love this cow! How fluffy is he??

We called ourselves the Amish paparazzi;)

As soon as I can figure out my computer (ummm might be never....just warning you), I'll put up more pictures.

This weekend away did a few things for me.....
*made me rediscover my love of photography
*confirmed my obsession with fabric
*made me feel better about said obsession, I'm not alone...thanks Amy:)
*made me love my husband even more(if that was possible) because he took care of Aubrey and did nothing but encourage me to stay and have fun!
*and last, but certainly not least, confirmed that I have an amazing, loving, giving friend that I know will be a friend for life!