Fabric Fabric Fabric!!!!

When Amy and I were in Amish Country(Lancaster PA) on our great adventure, I was too into the fabric/quilt shops to think of taking pictures of them! Ooops! But Amy got tons of fabric shots and you can see them on her blog here.... http://thelittlebeansprout.blogspot.com/2011/01/wonderful-good.html
I took a shot of my haul the other day and here it is!!!!
Aren't they glorious?! I'm so happy with the fabrics I got, most of them fat quarters and half yard cuts. Pretty much all of them were on sale or had a coupon and the Menno in me was giddy over that! I spent every last penny of the Christmas money I had left...not very Menno of me.... but very "fabric addict" of me! I'm seriously trying to figure out when Amy and I can go back because we never got to go here... http://www.theoldcountrystore.com/ ! Ahhhh! It looks so amazing and we got so caught up on the way there in other fabric stores namely this place http://www.burkfabrics.com/Store/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=4 ! Having all the fabrics you've ever lusted over on the internet in person in one place???? HEAVEN!! Both of these stores have online shops and they are so cheap compared to other online options...trouble!

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Amy said...

2 Fabric addicts together = TROUBLE
That was so fun. I think we should plan a trip for March to go back and see the quilt show. What do you think?
We have to get as much quality time in as we can before you leave for Georgia! Did you notice we both have been blogging a lot lately???