As Promised...

We had another huge blizzard the other day! We haven't seen the ground in over a month, crazy! I'm just so thankful that I don't live in New York(never thought I'd say that!), could you imagine having to be stuck in your teeny-tiny apartment, having to walk everywhere you go in the snow...for over a month?!? No thanks. As each new blizzard/storm/snowfall hits, the road clearage(that a word?...is now) gets worse and worse. They used to be so on top of the plowing/salting and now we are lucky to see any of them late into the next day. I know that is way better then what they are dealing with in New York. And having to deal with mass transit?!? We keep hearing horror stories of passengers being stuck on shut down trains over night! Blech. I'm happy to be in my little NJ apartment not dealing with that and just being able to enjoy the snow!
Anyway, as promised, here are the pictures that I took in Lancaster:) I still haven't figured out how to get the pictures to show up on my blogger up-loader thingy, so I drag-n-dropped them all onto my desktop and did it that way. FAR too time consuming, but y'all (I'm practicing for the south;)) are worth it! I'm so happy with how they turned out! Like I said, this trip has reignited my love for taking pictures. It's funny because a few years back we went on a road trip with Zach's mom and she was so excited about all the covered bridges and I was all, 'meh' whatever. And here I am now and I get it! They are beautiful and just plain old cool! A bridge that you can move?? And they're old?? So cool! And don't even get me started on how it sounds when a horse'n'buggy goes clomping over them....An amazing sound!

I keep thinking this one looks like a long crab leg!

Even the insides are beautiful!

I took this one for Zach, there are hockey skates hanging off the back!
Amy and I loved this!! How funny?!?

I. Love. This. Cow.

Amy and her "creeper" lens:)
I think this "reserved" sign might be my favorite shot/thing I saw! So cute!

We went to the "Bird-in-Hand" market and everything was displayed so beautifully!
Just wanted to let everyone know that my weaning process is over(remember the Christmas decor??) I'm officially taking it all down today! It hurts, but it's gotta be done:(


Sean and Kristin said...

Love the pictures, Jen!! Who knew you were so talented at photography!? We went to Lancaster a few years back and I also loved the "parking spaces" they have reserved for horse and buggies there!

Amy said...

Sweet! Love the eggs! ummm nice shot of me... This is war my friend.