My Foray into Mug Rug-ing.....

Have you seen the "mug rugs" that are popping up on all crafty/sewing blogs and Etsy shops? If you haven't, are you living under a rock?!? Actually, I guess that just means that you don't waste as much time blog-stalking as me....hmmm, hard truth to swallow.... Oh well, over it.
I decided to dabble, and dabble I did! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I know I did a bunch of stuff "wrong" with the binding. And again, I'm over it:)

Not to mention the things that were wonky with the applique. But I'm a do-er. I'm not a big fan of following instructions when it comes to sewing(hmmmm what does this mean about me??) and I'm a visual learner. So if I don't find a tutorial somewhere(that I can completely change! Wouldn't want to follow that fully either!), I just do whatever comes to mind. Be it wrong or not, I'll dive in.
I now have a great tutorial for binding(that I'll most likely kinda follow) from Amy, so I can try making one 'properly'. But all in all, I'm so happy with how it turned out and now want to make one for myself(this was for Amy...hmm wonder what she was telling me by giving me the tutorial).... and everyone else I know!

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Esther said...

very nice! my binding usually isn't so great either, can you share the tutorial?