What I feel like doing right now....

I had to drive Zach to the airport this morning at 5am.

That is an awful time to be awake, let alone be dragging your child out of bed!

I am not a morning person, I repeat, NOT a morning person. It takes me two

hours and a pot of coffee to wake up. If it wasn't for Nick Jr,

I'd be lost in the AM.

Zach is off on a whirlwind interview week and will be back on Friday.

I hate when he's gone, Aubrey hates when he's gone... just not fun for us.

Luckily, I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who likes being

home and is not one to want to leave at any given chance.

He was dreading the week long trip away from home

and, most importantly, dreading his time away from Aubrey!

Those two are going to go through some serious withdrawal!

....and I'm going to have a lot of time with a two year old....

Wish me luck!

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