So nice, we got them twice!

So we decided that the cider and cider donuts at Riamede Farms were worth a second visit alone!
But in the end went and picked a few apples as well.
Nothing like an apple picked fresh from the tree, SO GOOD!

Aubrey, like her mother, is a bit of a donut monster.
She could have plowed through a few of these if we let her!

mmmmmm! Best. Cider. Ever.
....best guy ever;)

I was loving the sugared mess around Aubrey's mouth, so cute!

I think that my body was invaded by a 90 year old...or at least my hand was. Look at that hand??? I can't even use winter as an excuse.... oh man. Age.

She might have been a little curious as to why I was grinning like an idiot and saying, "Oh my word! SOOOO good!" every bite....

Then again, maybe not. She is my kid after all and was saying "mmmmm!! goooooood" after every bite too:) Like mother like daughter.Poor Zach was forgotten in all that donut craziness!

{remember how I hate mornings?? Aubrey was up 4:30 am!?? why me?? Any advice on how to get a kid back to bed, even when she's claiming she's super hungry and keeping in mind that I live in a multi-family home and would not be able to just let her cry super loud..... sorry, a lot of factors!}

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