In the spirit of back-posting, as is (apparently) my custom, I want to show some pictures from our little trip to the Nation's Capital:)
Zach was invited to a conference in DC and instead of taking a flight there, he decided to forgo the paid ticket and drive and take us along for the trip! What a nice guy;)
It's only about 4hrs from where we live so it almost seemed like a waste to fly anyway.
The drive was great and we only had one night there so as soon as we got there the first day we went out exploring.
I LOVED it! There was something so amazing about how symmetrical everything was. I know, that sounds psycho, but I loved that part. You could walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument(past the Reflecting Pool, of the famed Forest Gump scene:)) and to Capitol Hill. It was all in a straight shot with these amazing public grass areas where people were playing soccer, football and just plain playing. Kinda cool to see that in amongst the famous buildings. And then off in a wonky direction was the White House which was kinda in a random place and strange to get to.
When we first arrived we saw these....
Segways?!? It just seemed so appropriate for some reason. But that didn't stop us from making fun:)
Lincoln Memorial. It was my favorite place, the giant statue of Lincoln was even bigger than I expected!
Aubrey chasing ducks, kinda a surreal moment when you look at all that is around her! Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool are in the background.
Good ol' Lincoln.
Capitol Hill in the background. Aubrey called this "High Tower" and was obsessed with it! (it's from a Dora episode)
High Tower, errr, Washington Memorial with (I believe) Federal buildings to the left.
The Smithsonian(or part of it... it was a bit confusing).
People working out in amongst these amazing places, kinda crazy!

We just saw the White House from afar, long story, so let's just say that I had a tough time finding it! I'm a little directionally challenged and was left to my own devices for a few hours. Not a good idea.
All in all, it was an awesome little two day excursion and I would HIGHLY recommend heading there as soon as you can! We both wished we had more time, and will definitely be back in the near future!


Jenna said...

Awesome! That must have been so fun!

Amy said...

Your pictures are wonderous. Love Aubrey playing with the ducks.