I love our new stationary bike/elliptical.
It's been lovingly named NoName.
And it's received such a wonderful name because, well,
we bought it on EBay, it was super cheap and it wasn't a fancy name brand.
Living where we do, we are put in a challenging situation
every winter and summer, work out wise, because it gets
so stinkin' cold/hot here.
Being the fickle worker outer that I am, I just quit when the going, or weather,
gets tough(Zach on the other hand enjoys a good snow run...that is when he's not falling on ice...).
I'm slightly ashamed of that, but it's true.
So back to NoName.
Zach being the smart, savvy guy that he is,
had the brilliant idea that we should buy a bike thingy.
I was not game for the bike idea because I knew I'd never ride the thing.
He found this little diddy and we agreed that it would be perfect!
And it has been....most of the time...
It migggght have had a few bumps in the road....like bolts flying off...
and pedals braking off...
But nothing a little elbow grease and Super Glue
(annnnd the removal of a few parts to stop a horrible grinding noise)
couldn't fix.
Ol' NoName has been in tip top form for the last few months(not gonna lie,
after there was a horrible screeching coming from the wheels-post bolt flying off- I didn't think it would work again!) and has been used as such.
Now all I have to figure out is why I torture myself by watching cooking shows while working it??
Oddly, I do find that it motivates me to no end.
{I had a great weekend! We went apple picking to this amazing farm and I took a couple hundred pictures, but for some reason they are not showing up in my pictures section when I try to load them onto the blog...even though I've got them on the computer. Am I the only one who has these stupid problems?!?
I'm going to try and have them ready to post later tonight or tomorrow...wish me luck!}

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Amy said...

Jen, you amuse me... You are a riot! That would be my luck bolts flying off... how is that do you like it? I need to workout more... Ok i need to just workout. I guess the more only implies if you are already working out.

get going on the apple picking pics I can't wait to see.