Random burst of inspiration

So I remembered that a good friend's birthday was coming up
and I decided that I'd make her a card. My random burst of inspiration,
a desire to make a card with fabric and a fascination with sewing things to paper,
I came up with this little diddy!
I'm so happy with how it turned out!
I felt like super crafter afterwards and it didn't take that long to make
(once my crazy indecisive mind came up with a design).
My friend is into poppys so I decided to go with a poppy-esque design.

Kind of a crap shot, but I wanted to show the pleated design.

Pretty sure I should have switched needles to sew on paper, but I'm just not that savvy.


Kimberley said...

Nice work Jen!! I didn't know you were so uber crafty!! Everything looks great so far.

Amy said...

Jenn you can leave the same needle in to sew on paper it is just make sure you change that needle before you sew again on fabric, dull needle not a good idea. Oh super cute by the way! love your pleating.