Drip Drip Drop Little September Showers....

So, where to start.....
I've mentioned before in a post that we had some leaks a few months back, but those were in our office(technically the sun room). Well, the leak of late is in our bedroom and it has been dripping on and off for the whole two and a half years that we've lived here.
We informed the landlord early on and were told that it was just the wind blowing the rain in weirdly
(to us this explanation did not make sense, but did give us a clear picture of our landlord, he was not going to be helpful to us...ever...and he's proven that over and over again).
So we gave up, put a bucket under the leak and vowed to do everything in our power to not have to call this man if we could help it.
Over the years other things have leaked, broken etc. and we've called him. But it was always to the same end, nothing was really done (slapping a band aid fix over it that eventually failed, if anything.).
So fast forward to the night before last, our bedroom ceiling caved in and we decided against calling our helpful landlord and ended up doing a quick fix ourselves to get us though.
We've had roofers here for the last few weeks and we figured that we'd talk to them in the morning and bypass the landlord. We did and the roofer looked mortified at our situation and said he'd talk to the landlord for us. Victory!
To make a long story, not as long; last night a huge thunder storm came and our "fix" didn't work and there was an avalanche of water in our bedroom....and then in Aubrey's room...then in the dining room....and in the living room...you get the picture!!
It kept coming(again I want to point out, as I did in the last post, we live on the MIDDLE floor!!! I can't imagine what is going on upstairs!).
So we spent the better part of two hours cleaning up that mess(while Aubrey was at our feet "helping") and praying that it would stop raining. We did, and it did.
I'm happy/mortified that I called the landlord(even after Zach had. I felt I needed to have my say as well) and let him have it. It was a long time coming, and I wasn't being mean, just letting him know that we are GREAT tenants who deserve to have this mess cleaned up in a timely fashion and we were frustrated that the roofers were not doing anything(I'm assuming said "helpful" landlord is not paying them, and that was kinda confirmed when I talked to the roofer myself and he looked as mad as I was....thus explaining why they've been here for two and some weeks on and off and the roof STILL isn't done.)
The landlord was trying to make it all seem like everyone else's fault and that he felt so bad for us....but he never showed up to help.
One day I will have a house.... and we will own it.... and we won't have to deal with a landlord... hmmm, but we might still have leaks... but we will fix them in a timely fashion.... and I'll be so much happier when it rains.... and I won't get drips on my head by random sketchy water drops that will cause me to become a monster.
I have a dream......
There you have it.
Whether you wanted it have it or not.
Probably 'not'.
But after ALL that, Zach and I pulled ourselves out of the funk and ended up having a great date night in watching random House Hunter episodes(why do we torture ourselves so??) and the Jets game!
At least this leak business didn't happen at 4am like it did the first time. We kept chanting that to ourselves to make us feel somewhat better:)


kanadamd said...

Uro husband really has you rick-rolled for living in that place. You need to tell him uro not gonna take it, no uro not going to take, uro not gonna take it...anymore.

Jen said...

I should really clarify to people that you wrote that Zach! They might think that I'll let any creepy guy comment... no chance. Only MY creepy guys gets to comment.

P.S. That'll show me for asking you to support my blog;)

kanadamd said...

Jen, I know this is uro blog and everything, but for you to be all of a sudden calling me uro husband is moving REALLY quickly!

Laura Jo said...

Y'all are cracking me up with the comments!
I think you can withold rent and pay for the repairs with your rent and/or call the local building inspector since your landlord is responsible for providing a "safe environment." Good luck....just a few more months, right?!

BTW, how are applications going for Zach?

Kimberley said...

LOL!!! Thanks for clarifying that Jen. That made it SOOOOOO much more hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can hear Zach saying it and its got me giggling! You guys, how are you still laughing at the situation?! You're amazing...but alas, I think it is time to move! You deserve it. I'll pray for a way better place, with cheap rent & amazing landlords!!! seriously, for all the crap you put with with your landlords, you guys DESERVE it!!

Jen said...

We want to move, but there is no point for the few months that we have left here.... or so we think. They are starting the repairs and after a very stealthy eavesdropping session by yours truly,when the landlord was talking to the roofers, I learned that they came to an agreement over price and what they were doing for that price. And if it takes any longer, then we will with hold rent(and call again to reem them out!). I'm pretty sure we are going to anyway because of some minor things that were damaged, towels that were ruined in the clean up process etc.
It's so funny that this has everyone up in arms! I just did a random posting and it has taken on a life of its own(on Facebook too)!
We have also seen what is out there(from the last leak) at our price point, and it's not pretty!

Laura, Zach got an interview for Urology(I haven't said as much, even though I wanted to shout it from the roof tops, beacuse Zach is weird about the internet and how much personal info gets out... thus no technical details)! We are pumped and excited and everything in between! God is so good to us, he just knew that Zach needed a little boost in the Urology department and he got it! Even with two strikes against him(Canadian and Foreign Med Grad) he was able to at least get an interview, meaning people are actually looking at him!
No rejections yet.... they'll come, but we're happy none have yet:)
It's such an exciting time right now, we are pumped with excitement for the adventures that God has in store for us!