Ponytails and "Crash-a-tower"

Figured I was due for an Aubrey post, it's been a while! She's getting so old I can hardly stand it. This girl has some serious personality and ideas of her own. And boy can she ever talk...never stops!
She is all about her horse and it goes with her everywhere! At this time she also had a particular fondness for her gumboots:) Made for some interesting outfits!

These two love each other so much. She always vibrates with excitement when she hears the front door opening and as soon as Zach's up the stairs and in our apartment, Aubrey yells "welcome my house Dada!" and proceeds to tackle him! Too cute! (side note, I realize that I just made her sound like a dog, but she really does vibrate with excitement. No other way to describe it!)

I finally convinced her to let me put a ponytail in her hair....it lasted approximately two seconds there.

Right before she ripped it out... but it's so cute isn't it?!? I wish she'd let me do it more often...


Sean and Kristin said...

Yay yay yay more pictures! I love them and Aubrey is so stinkin cute!!

Amy said...

what a cutie! Maddie must take piggy everywhere we go! By the way I love her boots. So cute! where did they come from???