Two August Outings....

So I'm trying to play catch up and I even have grand plans of posting from my trips to Canada and England....a girl can dream right?
Aubrey and I hung out with some friends we met at VBS earlier this summer.
Aubrey and their youngest boy are only a day apart in age, crazy!
They are so cute together, playing and fighting like only two year olds can!
We first went peach picking and then to this awesome beach here on the shore in Ocean Grove(two seperate days).
It was where the movie According To Greta was filmed, kinda weird driving around and having everthing feel familiar until I made the connection!

Picnic lunch!

Playing peek-a-boo with B.

We had just got there and Aubrey promptly bit it and was devastated that I had no wipes to clean her off! I have no idea who she could've gotten this trait from....

Random gopher holes that the kids almost fell in!

At the beach in Ocean Grove... Aubrey stopped being whiny right before we left and finally played nice with B.

Sharing a popsicle with N:)

So old!

Getting her second popsicle of the day.... Mom fail.

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Amy said...

Beautiful Shots! Wish I could have been with. Looks like you had lots of fun!