The Latest.

So the roof is still not fixed, but they are finally
working on our section that is leaking.
To be fair, they guy upstairs had it way worse than us,
so I suppose he deserved to have his fixed first.
The crap thing was that it rained last night.
Rained HARD. Thunderstorm hard,
trees-falling-into-houses hard.
Ya, that hard.
The only good thing that came out of it was
that the roofers were still here and could
place tarps over the really leaky parts,
so it wasn't a disaster over all.
It was also good for them to see where the leaks were,
mind you, there are sludge colored streaks
down the walls where the rain came down.
Oh, it's a pretty sight alright.
If you haven't noticed before, well then you know now,
my place is classy.
May sound like it, but I'm not.
Well... I'm trying not to, that counts right?
Side note: what is up with the format of yesterdays blog???
Not sure what happened there or how to fix it.


Amy said...

i liked how your blog looked yesterday..... and can't get that pillow off my mind Did you use fusible interfacing for the petals????

Jen said...

I did us it and I got it at I've got a Notion. It's the one where you iron it on one side and peel off the backing and iron it to the pillow. And everything else is sewing on, buttons, bunting, etc.
I'm flattered you like it so much, I still need to get you to show me how you made the family tree....