Aubrey's "Syeeeeep ober" Party

Marcy and Anna {My good friends and "aunt's" to Aubrey} came to

visit us here in NJ two weeks ago. Aubrey thought that they were here

purely to entertain her, and I suppose they kinda were:)

I'm old news now-a-days with Aubrey around,

I think I've finally come to grips with that....

I think....

Needless to say these three had a blast together.

Aubrey loving the constant attention, and me loving the built in babysitters....

I mean playmates... who am I kidding,

babysitters! It was so awesome having them here.

We had fun at the park, went to Hoboken,

to the shore(Ocean Grove again, LOVE that beach!) went shopping,

hit up Target and,

best of all,

the girls splurged and treated me to a night in the city for a girls night!


I didn't really know how much I needed that!

I love Aubrey, but I spend all day every day with that kid and

with zero family around,

I don't ever get a break.

To be able to out for a late dinner and

Just hang out, shopping at our leisure and

not having to worry about changing diapers and feeding a

little person, HEAVEN!

Aubrey loved the constant attention and love these girls gave her!
While in the city we spent most of our time in SoHo,

such a different feel from the rest of the city, I love it.

We had Dean and Deluca coffee and treats, oh man...
And had dinner in Little Italy. Mmmmmm good!

I had mussels and they were fantastic, my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Aubrey yelling, "NO! No more pictures mama!"

Um sorry, Aubrey, thought you were used to it already:)

Did the touristy thing(Marcy always heads that up!)

and went to Carlo's Bake Shop.

And had the Best. Cannoli. Ever. Period.

Stopped here to take a picture to make the husbands jealous

{McSorley's is one of the oldest pubs/bars in the city}

Mmmmmmm Dean and Deluca's!

After the girls left, Aubrey and I both got sick...

might have over done it a bit!

we crammed A LOT in five days!


Amy said...

FUN FUN FUN! and by the way I can't stop thinking about your pillow!!!!!! I am going to whip one up tomorrow!

Kimberley said...

sounds like so much fun!!! so glad you got to go out for a girls night too...that's special & i'm sure greatly needed. are you guys coming home for christmas this year??