The Love's of My Life

I was just thinkin' about the term
"absence makes the heart grow fonder"
and it has just been proven more true than ever these past few days.

Zach was off to a medical conference in Michigan
from monday to wednesday, so I decided
to head out with Aubrey to a friend's
place in Connecticut for that time.
We both had a great time,
but realized how much we missed each other.
Usually we are good with time apart,
used to it from our 'Grenada days' when
I would stay back in Canada for a
few extra weeks or head home early
for a wedding or something.

But since having Aubrey and being married longer,
we are both noticing a shift.
Not wanting to spend tons of weeks apart,
and missing each other more when we do.

Funny, how a little girl like this can help make
that switch for you.....
even when she is diving head first
into her "terrible twos"....

I mean, just look at them....
How could you not miss them?!?

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Amy said...

that is so sweet! I love your post.