Laundry, Dishes and Fabric~~Oh My!

So I spent all weekend trying my very best not to look at the
five heaping baskets of laundry that needed to be folded.
Make that four, as well as a giant heaping pile of laundry on my bed.
Why you ask? Simple. We only have four baskets. That's why.
The only reason the laundry was clean in the first place,
was because Zach did it....he was not feeling as
procrastinationly inclined as I was.
We have a deal, he washes it(and walks up and down the three flights of stairs
to get to the basement the laundry is...minor detail...)
and I fold. It's a great deal really, how many husbands would
do laundry every week?? I know, he's a keeper:)
But I am happy to report that it all got done.... in the eleventh
hour...literally, I'm pretty sure I was folding at eleven on Sunday night!
Better late than never right??
What is it about laundry folding(not to mention the
putting away part, don't get me started on the putting away part)
that makes me want to scream? It takes less than an
hour, and I can watch a movie or a show while doing it.
Should be simple. But for me, it's not.
I'm not even going to start discussing the pile of dishes that needed washing...
lets just say it was bad, really bad, as in the-cupboards-are-empty kinda bad.
Just shameful.
One day a dishwasher will be there to do the dreaded work...one day....
Ahhh, dreams are cheap.
On to more exciting (and less depressing on my part) stuff.
I went garage saling on Saturday morning and I hit the
vintage(some of it just old and not great) fabric jackpot!
I was at a tag sale and the lady, the one running the sale, was so
impressed that I was into sewing at my age(I think she might have thought
that I was fifteen, the curse of looking like a kid.... but hey works for me if it scores me a great deal!). Whatever the reason, she decided that I should have three grocery bags full
(I'm talking stuffed and really heavy) of fabric for $7!
And she kept throwing stuff at me for free, thread, quilt book...etc.
My head is bursting with possible projects.....
Now I just have to get to that last laundry basket, the one full of the fabric I bought,
the one that I literally hid from my sight last night so I would not have to deal
with it and all it's tangled fabric mess....
Wish me luck...

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Amy said...

WOO HOO! SCORE. That is awesome. What are you going to do with all that fabric? (and where are the pictures?)