Just like a rapper....

... I want to give a shout out to Amy, for introducing me to
I love this blog!
If you have not read it, then you must!
She is so whitty and just down-right funny, I can't stop reading.
She has such a way with words, I'm like a woman obsessed.
I was given the link to help me with some
photography issues(which helped, thanks again Amy;))
and to say this woman is an amazing photographer,
would pretty much be the understatment of the year!
Like I said, I can't stop reading it.
No joke.
I was up until midnight last night
enthralled with her story,
particularly the one of how she meet her husband
and how they fell in love.
They live on a cattle ranch and are,
pretty much, living out my childhood dream
(and I ended up with a highly scholastically inclined doctor...go figure.)
and I tried my darndest to convince Zach
that it was his dream too....
a no go.
Anyway, I figured that I'd share this little nugget of gold with others:)

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Amy said...

Jenn, You have to get her cookbook.... the Pioneer woman cooks! You will love it!