The Lord is my shepherd....

Today I woke up to Aubrey being sick (had been since yesterday morning) and really dark and stormy skies outside. Two of my least favorite things.
I HATE thunder & lightning storms... have since I was small.
You would figure that I'd grow of it, but I think that it has gotten worse over the years.
Now it really doesn't help that we are currently on the East Coast, the place were these storms reign supreme(especially in summer).
So I woke up to one this morning and the thunder was just getting going... and so was my heart.... and I decided to do my devotions (I try to do them every morning, but I'm horrible at it) from the "Our Daily Bread" and it gave me Psalm 23 as the passage.
I could hardly believe it because that is one of my favorite ones from the Bible(also has been since I was a little girl) and as soon as I started to read it calm instantly surrounded me.
It was such an amazing feeling to have peace during a storm, hasn't happened to me before.
"He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul."
Aubrey is feeling better now as well(after a four hour nap)!
"My cup overflows!"


Amy said...

I have a devotion book called "Jesus Calling" it is a daily verse (which I am also horrible at) But it does the same sort of thing. Picks a verse for the day and ya know what so many times it has pertained to what is going on that moment. So amazing that God knows just what we need when we need it.
& Yesterday's storm was a doozy. Our house seemed to shake from the thunder.

Wendy W. said...

Have you read Max Lucado's "Travelling Light"? It's all on Psalms 23...I loved it! So easy to read and SO good.
I'm glad that you are keeping your blog up. I certainly am not.