A few new additions....

So I figured out how to load some pictures to my mini laptop(non Mac) and now I can post a few shots for your viewing pleasure! I don't have the trip pictures on here, so these will have to do.
I've been working on a few projects lately, whenever I have the time.
I know that having just one child should allot me more time, but Aubrey has decided that she should start her terribe two's, so that cuts into sewing/project time. Awesome.
It's like the kid has split personalities, sweet one minute and crazed the next. Oh well, I guess I've been praying for patience recently and God is now giving me something to test it on:)
I've also held up with a few of my projects because of lack of supplies, also a fun thing. I forgot how much little stuff is needed for sewing, buttons, elastic, interfacing, bias tape, etc...
It really adds up $$ wise and I slowly have to filter these things in with the budget we have.
I've been lucky to find things at garage sales and tag sales lately, a nice heavy pair of metal sewing scissors and a big bag of notions, all for cheap~ the name of the game!
This is the bedding that I made for Aubrey.
It turned out great and she loves it so much!
Every night she askes, "Mama made it for Aubee? Ohhh! I yubb it Mama!"
So sweet:)
I know that it is not difficult, but it was a great project to get me sewing straight seams again.
A little dress for my niece's first birthday(made one for Aubrey as well). This is the first piece of clothing that I've made since highschool!

A litte curtain to cover up my unsightlies under my kitchen cart:)

My little sewing corner is slowly coming together. I need to paint the red bookcase and the desk(both garage sale finds and toally beat up) and it's all a little crammed, but I love it cuz it's all mine. Yup, that's right, the whole corner is mine. All five feet of it;)

{ also recovered and painted the chair and lampshade }

Just a little close up of the bulletin board I paited and recovered. Turned out so cute, I love it!

I still have about a gazillion projects in mind and
I just got a bunch of fabric in the mail today that I got for $2.49 a yard
(again, perfect for my budget!) so I should be busy for a while.
I'm also trying to revamp some of my clothes, old skirts and such, so I'll wear them again.
We'll see how those turn out....

Well, I'm off to play with my new fabric, I just love new fabric day!


Laura Jo said...

It all looks so good!!

Amy said...

Funny I tried to comment before and it would not allow me too.... I love the bedding so cute. BTW you have her in a big bed... I have to do that for Maddie.... oh and I love Fabric day too!

Jenna said...

LOVE your sewing corner! It is so cute. Your projects are all looking awesome, too! I got a sewing machine for Mother's Day, but I haven't got a lot accomplished with it yet.

Esther said...

if you want ideas for clothing revamps, you should check out the make it and love it blog...