Five months already!!

I know that I said that I'd do updates other then Aubrey ones, but I had to post her five month update first:) She's getting to be, or should I say continuing to be, quite the little pudge! She's doing new things every day, rolling over, putting her feet in her mouth, putting her soother in her mouth by herself... the right way too... laughing at pretty much anything, wearing six month and up clothes and just being a sweet, good natured kid all the time. My only problem is that she's not sleeping enough, but this has been my battle with her since the day she was born. She doesn't want to sleep during the day, and when she does it is for these little cat-naps that last about a half hour. Lately she been getting up every hour and a half to two hours at night(used to go at least three) and it's getting a little old! She has been teething though, so we've been summing it up to that and the fact that she is just a night owl. She is putting everything and anything into her mouth and is gnawing the crap out of it! I can feel a little something in her bottom gums, so we'll see if that pans out and when. All in all, she is just a sweet heart and the best thing in the world!!

Aubrey at one month old and 10 lbs 15.5 oz.

Aubrey at five months... quite the chunk now too at 16.5 pounds
Her face is a little creepy in this shot...


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Baby Whisperer? It worked wonders for us. Our little guy is also five months old. I know every baby is different, but it might be worth a try.

Kimberley said...

oh she's just the cutest little chub ever!!! just wanna squish her and hear her giggle! is she laughing yet?