of going private with this blog. I'm not sure if I am or not, so bear with me as I try and figure it out. Until I do, I wont be updating. Here's one of the latest shots of Aubrey to tie you over in the meantime.


Laura Jo said...

I thought of changing my blog to private when Adelyn was born after my family kept hinting that I should. Then I found where you could make your blog more secure by eliminating people "searching" for you blog(like on blogger or google), they have to either type in the exact address or can still click on it via other blogs...just something else to think about!:) How are you doing?

Kimberley said...

im with ya whether you go private or not. aubrey is such a cutie pie! thanks for all the picture updates. :o)

Raine said...

I hope I'll still be able to read your updates. Aubrey is really cute and growing up so fast.