We Wish You A Reggae Christmas...

(name of a song we heard on the bus the other day... remix of "We Wish you a MERRY Christmas"... cleaver... and quite catchy I must admit:) I have video of the song, and Zach dancing to it, but can't post it for some reason... I'll have to figure that out)

So today is our last day in Greanda and I figured that I'd post to mark this occasion. Zach is writing his last exam as I write this and he had the biggest grin on his face as he headed out the door this afternoon. He was so happy to be almost done, I'm surprised that his face didn't crack from smiling so much! We can not believe that this is the last day here ever... well, at least for a long time. We need a serious break from this place before we think about visiting:) It has been such an awesome opportunity for us, but there has been a lot that was sacrificed for it. Not going to go off on our sob-story, don't worry, but there have been hard times. Missing family and friends back home, missing food... Starbucks, sushi, that sort of thing... missing the cold weather, dealing with the "third world" mentality here(and the third world amenities), the list goes on. But the amazing thing has really been meeting wonderful people that we know we will be friends with for the rest of our lives(aside from the whole being able to go to Med School here!!). Pretty much all the people that we have gotten close to are heading off the the same hospital as us in New Jersey and that will make that transition so much easier. Anyway, I didn't want to get sappy, but I guess I kinda did:)
Zach and I went out for our last breakfast date this morning before he headed off to his test. I guess from here on out we are into the "lasts". Last time going out for dinner to the Boulangerie, last time going to the beach, last time packing up(well here anyway), last time getting a taxi at 3:30 in the morning... Last everything. It is a weird feeling to say the least and I never thought that I'd say this, but it is a little hard and sad. I am going to miss things here and I'm sure I'll miss them more in a year or so, but the simple lifestyle that we lead here is going to be hard to replace.
Well, I'm going to stop rambling and put up some pictures that I took in the last few days...

Our last "Wild Wednesday". Yup, it gets wild with all that coffee drinking and chatting. We call it Wild to make us feel like we are doing something more exciting then we are:) Kristin, Myself, Lisa

Me enjoying my favorite thing right now... Breakfast!!

One of my last cappuccinos here...

Zach lookin' happy about his food:)

An even happier Zach. Pretty sure he was laughing at me cuz I almost slipped and fell in a huge pile of mud as I was trying to get his picture!

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Raine said...

Congratulations on finishing your time in Grenada! What a great milestone! We will see you around Abby soon.