This last month...

Well we are back in Canada and we couldn't be happier about it! The weather is cold, family and friends are all around, and the Starbucks is plentiful:) What more could we ask for?! The adjustment from Grenada was not bad this time. It seems as though we were ready for this move and just jumped back into it all head first.
Christmas was the gong-show it always is at the Kliewer's (how could it not be?? 11 grandkids and 14 adults... well except for Astrid and Jo's family, who are in England), and on the other end of the spectrum, the Klaassen Christmas was nice and relaxed. That might change by next year when we start to change things by adding people:) After the craziness that was Christmas, we headed out to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for two weeks with the Klaassen family. Zach's parents took us, and Jordan, for our Christmas present. Can't go wrong there!! We had an awesome time and we're all relaxed and ready for things that are to come in the next few months.
Zach is back at his studying now because he has an exam in March, the USMLE step one. It's a board exam that pretty much sets up his life(good or bad) for the next few years. Needless to say, it's a pretty big deal. And to say that he is studying all the time is an understatement! He is going at it Grenada style and confusing some people in the process. Never before have people seen Zach in his truest of forms, and now it is here for all to see... ready or not:)
I'm doing great, and baby is growing good(measuring right on track). We met with the midwife for the first time and that went awesome. I was a bit worried about how things would go for Zach, but the midwife really knew her stuff(which pleased him greatly) and Zach suppressed his urge to be the ever question asking med student. I think she looked a little worried when we told her that Zach was in med school(here we go...), but he did a good job of not ruffling any feathers. All in all, a good time and we have our next appointment next week.
Other than that, all is back to normal... well as normal as our lives are going to get for a while!

Zach's first Starbucks.

The girls making gingerbread houses. Marcy, Meg, Anna and I

Zach and I at the third annual Christmas Eve morning breakfast with friends.

Christmas Eve before the service at King Road Church.

The view from our deck at Zach's parent's timeshare, the famous Cabo rocks.

Zach in front of a local hospital.

Along the highway on the drive up the coast that we took. Typical view, Cabo is all desert.

The main yacht harbor. There was a boardwalk all the way around with restaurants and shops.

Me at 28 weeks.


Mom K said...

What's with those deer heads in the last picture???!!

Kim said...

yippee! an update and bonus pictures!! you look awesome!
i still have so many questions...coffee next week though right??

Wendy W. said...

Love the deer heads! Great to see pictures. Miss you!