Goodbye lunches and hot showers...

In honor of Laura's last day here, a couple of girls went out for her goodbye lunch yesterday. It was a lot of fun, well, aside from the fact that we arrived at the restaurant only to be harassed by a guy trying to ask for money and sitting down with us at our table (and not leaving), and once he finally left (after I gave him 10EC for whatever cause he was "allegedly" peddling) we were told that the kitchen was out of chicken...that's right, completely out of chicken. Now, I've heard of a restaurant not having a specific item on their menu for whatever reason it may be, out of season, etc., but to be out of an entire type of meat is just wrong. With there not being any chicken we were down to about four choices. And, again, in normal circumstances (aka, back in North America) we would have left the restaurant and found some other place. Now Grenada is no normal circumstance and there aren't a lot of choices here, so we just decided to stay. The rest of the lunch went great though and it was good to spend one last afternoon with Laura.

Today our landlord came by and fixed our shower. We have had no hot water since I got here in February. Now most of you must think that in a hot country, one would not need a hot shower. Well, to you I say: come down here and try it on for size! It is not as refreshing or as great as you'd think. The water is stinkin' cold! And try shaving your legs in freezing water, good luck! So today I had my first hot shower in months and it was fabulous! Below is a picture of our lovely high-tech shower. That's right...those are exsposed wires that you are seeing so close to the water. We like to live, and shower, dangerously.


Anonymous said...

I love the curtains in your bathroom :). Be sure to bring those home with you!

Now if you always got what you were expecting at public places like restaurants and grocery stores, what surprises could you count on?

Miss you Jen.
Wendy W.

Vevina said...

Good post.