I bet Jamie Oliver never had to deal with things like this...

The other night I was happily cooking away when I noticed that my chicken wasn't sizzling in the pan anymore. I did a double take and I noticed that I was out of propane(we have a gas stove). Well, as I mentioned before in my blog, in normal circumstances we would have just driven to the gas station to get some more, but this is Grenada. The gas stations here aren't open past 8pm and so we were out of luck...did I mention that I was in the MIDDLE of dinner?? Well, my kind neighbour, Bruno, let me cart all my stuff over to his place and let us use his stove to finish off dinner, but I still had no way of getting propane(that night or the next day, we don't have a car and our landlord is in England). The best was the next morning, when we were in a panic about not getting our caffeine intake for the day, and I had the brilliant idea of boiling the water in the microwave(sorry Linda, I know how you hate those things, but what is a girl to do??). I'll never forget the way Zach looked in his underwear with oven mits on checking the water every few minutes to see if it was boiling yet!! And when pouring the water out of the bowl and into our french-press, he spilled hot water all over the place! After that whole mess, not to mention having the haunting images of me carting the tanks on the school bus to the local gas station, we finally got a hold of the guy who is filling in for our landlord and we got him to come and take the tanks to be refilled. Now I have a working stove again and all is right with the world.

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