Kwality with a "K"

Last night Zach and I decided to get Chinese food for dinner. I bet you are all wondering why I have posted a picture of an Indian restaurant then? Well, that is all part of my story. This place is normally an Indian restaurant, but on Sunday's for some reason or other the owner decided that she should offer just Chinese food. Now, back home this would be a giant red flag that we should not try this restaurant, but here it is a different story. There are about three places on this island to get Chinese food and one of them is too far away and the other isn't, but it has the crappiest tasting food ever (I mean the sweet and sour sauce is hot pink, just wrong). We were down to just this one, so we got brave and headed out. Now we kept our minds open when we entered the place and it smelled like curry, when we didn't recognize any of the food, and when there was about six options to choose from (buffet-style). But when I took a bite and it was SPICY?!?! What the heck?! That is where the open mindedness stopped. Zach liked it because he likes spicy food, but even he agreed that it tasted nothing like Chinese food. I believe that his exact words were that it was 'Chindian food' (an Indian interpretation of Chinese). So the lesson here for everyone out there is to never buy Chinese food from an Indian lady in a Caribbean country. Kwality with a "K" about sums it up!


Kim said...

well, kudos to you guys for being brave! Hopefully you won't get a "mcdonalds lump" from the "chindian food!" Ahhh...chindian...nice work Zach! You 2 are so witty! :o)

Marcy said...

That's just "rong" with an "r".