Baby it's cold outside...oh wait...

I can't believe...it is already December 1st today! For all you people on the West Coast, I'm four hours ahead and therefore it is the 1st already. I (or should I say, we) leave for home in 15 days, that is crazy. As you can imagine it has been really hard to focus on life in Grenada for the past few days. With all the snow back home and knowing that we are leaving in two weeks, it's kinda hard to concentrate. For me anyways. Zach on the other hand is a freaking trooper! He can block just about anything out of his mind while he is in "study-mode". Don't get me wrong, he talks about home whenever his head isn't in the books, but for some reason or other, he can just get down to business when he needs to. I guess that is why he's the one in Med School and I'm the one working on the tan (but really he should work on his tan too. There should be some sort of law that prohibits his degree of white in a Caribbean country!).
This last week has been one filled with events for me. Desperate Housewives on Sunday with the girls (Laura and Kristin), movie night with the girls on Tuesday, Book Club on Wednesday night (with the girls+2), Pool Day Thursday with Laura and the rest of the other S.O.'s (for those of you who don't know this, it stands for the Significant Others...that's me!).......yes, there is a bit of a trend here, there is a lot of girl time, but in my defense, Zach has been having a lot of book time lately:) Anyway, the point of my whole rant is that having so many events planned makes the time go by nicely!
I guess I should give a bit of an update about Zach. Well, he is studying....yeah, that about sums it up! No, just kidding (well, he is studying). He has finished going to all the classes that he needs to and his butt is officially glued to his chair until his exams are over. Only two finals to go and he is done his first year of Med School (Man, where has this year gone?!). Zach has also been cranking out the Christmas tunes to try and get in the holiday spirit. I think that he gets his best studying done when Bing Crosby is singing.
Anyway, tomorrow night is Date Night and I can't help but wonder...will we be going to KFC for dinner or for chicken nuggets at the mall food court...hhmmmm...? Ahhh Grenada, we love you!

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Kim said...

Jenny has a blog!!!!!!! Yippee!! I'm so excited! You've got an amazing, witty skill at telling stories & I can't wait to blog-stalk you my dear! :o) I'm sure your visit home is booked solid, but let me know if you have any free time here or there...(just don't overdo it! )