More pictures.

It snowed all weekend back home and I wanted to post a few picks from that first snowfall. The first one is of our cat Berndt trying to get out of the snow! Isn't she just the cutest?! The second is taken of Zach's parents deck. Zach and I are just dying knowing what we are missing and having to hear about it when we are sitting here sweating profusely. Try and save some of the snow for us in December:) There are also a few other random pictures of friends attached.

A group shot from a sailing trip that we took a few weeks ago.
Emily, Kyle
Donny, Lisa, Sean, Kristin, Laura, Jason
Ryan, Zach and me

Me, Emily, Kristin and Laura on our sailing trip.

My bookclub(And no, Marcy, we do not have four months to read a book!)
Me, Marca, Lisa, Bethany, and Laura(Kristin is in it too, but she is not in the picture.)

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