A Mini Photo Shoot....

I, Jennifer, love to take pictures.... but I'll tell you something--I'm not a fan of taking pictures of people. There I said it.
I'm not a fan because I'm not that good at it---funny how you like to do the things you're good at and not the things you suck at. ;)
Sure every once in a while I'll get a good shot, but in general...nope.

Anyway, I was kinda procrastinating Caleb's little photo shoot I had planned (and was super excited for since before he was born) because I was scared I'd get crap pictures.
I got over myself and ended up getting some cute ones, not amaze-balls ones, but cute ones.
And some times, well sometimes that's just good enough!

Here he is in all his naked-on-a-coke-crate/cuddled-into-a-fluffy-blanket/jammed-into-a-basket glory :) ....

Photography courtesy of yours truly
Editing courtesy of Amy from Amy Rehbein Photography


Sean and Kristin said...

Love these pics, Jen!! You are so blessed with those two amazing kids!!

Amy said...

I love love love them. You did a beautiful job capturing the moment. Don't be so hard on yourself, your an excellant people photogrpaher....love you!
Loving the coke crate.... What a sweetie!