Good TImes....

This little girl is testing my patience these days.... Seriously.
She's perfect as can be with Caleb, but in every other area of life? Glass. Cage. Of. Emotion.
All tears, all the time.
I suppose a lot has happened in the last little bit to cause her to feel overwhelmed, but a lot has happened in the last little bit to make me feel overwhelmed too. 
Bad combo.
Ahh to have multiple females in one house.
I can't stress it enough, I have two GOOD kids.
Caleb is a dream baby and Aubrey is so good, but when the emotions come a-knockin' ....
And let me tell ya, I've gots me some emotions as well.

I'm trying to keep calm and not overreact, but when you have a baby that is going through a growth spurt and decided that last was an ALL NIGHT eat-a-thon (with no sleep... for either of us)... and the next day your {almost} 4 year old decides to be a drama queen about her Quiet Time... you can lose it pretty quickly.
And I did, but I calmed down (and won the battle after an hour of trying, she's quietly watching a movie in her room!! Victory!) and prayed really hard for patience...and for Zach to get home at a decent time (a girl can dream right?!).

So I just have to keep trying to figure this '2 kids' thing out... or more so, figure out an overly emotional 4 year old mixed with a postpartum mama. 
Good times.


Amy said...


seriously, you are the most gorgeous" just birthed a baby woman" I have ever seen in my life.
I love these sweet shots of you and Aubrey!

She is most likely trying to adjust to all the changes in her life. and also just being 4.... 4 is stinky sometimes.

As always, you crack me up with your quoting movies... Glass cage of emotion... (I am just gonna say it.... you have a gift!!!!)
I will be praying for you to have patience as well as Postpartum mood swings are so fun... almost as much fun as post partum body! lol
LOVE you. can not wait to see you and give you a HUG.... and then squish Aubrey and Caleb!

Marcy said...

Ra-ra-shish-koom-bah! I'm cheering you on cuz I feel that's one of the few things I can do for you from thousands of miles away.
For your next 2 am feed, just hear me chant:
Ready ok
We're fired up, we're sizzlin.
We're turning up the heat.
When it comes to breastfeeding our team can't be beat!

Sean and Kristin said...

I don't know how you are doing it with TWO kids...you are amazing!! And seriously, you look fantastic...shiny hair, no sweat (I remember sweating for days after I had Alina haha), radiant, and gorgeous!! Thinking of you guys as always.