A Little Of This And That....

I am currently alone in my house... ALONE people! This does not happen....well, ever!
Zach came home from the hospital and announced he was taking Aubrey to the park, and who am I to stop them?!?
He's still on call until 6pm.... so let's all say a quick prayer he doesn't get a call while there with her! Pretty sure that would crush me... I mean, crush Aubrey ;)

Can we just stop for a second and take a little looksie at my blog header?!? Fabulous right?! 
Seriously! I'm benefiting from Amy's dabbling with web design...or digital scrap booking....or blog design... What the heck is it called??
Who cares, it looks AMAZING and she did it for me for the total cost of $ my-love-and-admiration.
That's the best deal around ;)
Thanks Amy you rock and now so does my blog thanks to you!

The party yesterday went awesome! I met some great people and I love who Zach works with. 
Seriously a great group of people and it was just SO nice to get dressed up and get out of the house.
Who knew there was a woman under all that daily pregnant frump??
That woman also almost walked into the party with the price tag still dangling from the back of her shirt... in what I can only assume to be divine intervention, I randomly reached back and felt it on the back of my neck as we were walking up the steps of the house we were about to go into.
Seriously, and I happened to take my coat off before we went into the house because I knew that I'd take it off as soon as we walked in anyway, and my pregnant body was having a heat stroke in the car already. ALL divine I tell you! There are SO many different ways that could have played out and all of them would have me looking lame to more people than just my husband, who I told right when it happened, doing that crazy I-almost-embarrassed-the-heck-out-of-us-both laugh.
Ah, good times.

Aubrey had the BEST time with her new friend! Both girls were in their glory, mainly because they were able to stay up super late! When we got back to Almost Friend's house, the girls were both in Audrey's bed (yup, you read right, the girl's name is AuDrey!) giggling like crazy and clutching the 2 dolls that AuBrey brought for them to play with. It just does my heart SO good to see Aubrey playing with friends. It doesn't hurt that Almost Friend's friend, who was watching them, went on and on about how good Aubrey was and how stinkin' polite she is with her "pardon me's", "please's" and "thank you's"! As a mom that's about the best thing someone could tell you about your child!

Tomorrow night Aubrey is in her first Church performance! 
I am beyond excited to see her with all the other preschoolers singing their Christmas songs they've learned for just this occasion :) They got a CD with their 3 songs on it and Aubrey plays that sucker on a loop for as long as we'll let her and I'm happy to report she's not as tone-deaf as we originally thought!
You should see Zach and I watching her sing her songs and doing her actions, we're in tears here at home.... I'm planning on bringing my camera and a WAD of Kleenex tomorrow. It's gonna get messy people.

I think I might be obsessed with Christmas lights.... our tree has at least 700 on it, I might have lost count when I went back and added the extra 200 because it looked "dull" to me...
In my mind, less is NOT more when it comes to lights. More is more people, remember that.


All these pictures were random finds in my iPhoto that I've some how missed in blogging. That's just not right and I had to set it straight pronto. The top picture Zach actually took while on Mackinac Island in Michigan. The others were in Boston (the first time we went) and randomly in New Jersey. 
Ah, I love me some photo memory lane :)


Amy said...

I so wishthatwe were there to see Aubrey in her christmas program. I am sure she will be wonderful! Can't wait to see pics! I am glad that aubrey and audrey are getting along splendidly! I am so glad you found your price tag..... Lol that is something that would happen... Or ma have happened to me in the past.....

Jenna said...

Your new blog header is fabulous! Great job, Amy!

Astrid said...

Yurp, I love that blog header!! If I was still into blogging, I might invest in something fancy-schmancy. ( The jury is still out on that one!)
Anaways--love that you had a great time out the other night. I know what it's like when you get into a funk of feeling sorry for yourself, and sometimes the best thing is to force ourselves into doing something, and usually we end up loving it. Me and you--we can't help it. It's genetic. ;)
Look at Aub-meist and her new partner in crime, Aud-meist :) Love that they had a good time together. Hopefully there will be many more to come.
You gots to show me some pictures of Aubrey in her play!! Can't wait!

Paul said...

Very glad to hear Aubrey is making friends,Jen; Slowly but surely settling in!!

...and the Blog header looks great!!