And Now, Deep Thoughts....

*I'm still relieved that there is only one baby in my belly.
*only now I'm really realizing how big this sucker is.
*It's raining and cold here! About time!
*I've painted my toenails a pale pink...sounds nice, right? 
*I look down and see toes that belong on a 70 year old.
*The upside is that I can still see my toes...take that Ginormous Belly!

*Funny how plucking your eyebrows can change the whole look of your face
*I have heartburn ALL the time now... never had it before, only once when pregnant with Aubrey. 
*heartburn sucks.
*I have Zach's Christmas work dinner tonight...hence the plucking and painting.
*I know exactly one person that will be at said dinner (aside from Zach). 
*cue panic and anxiety.
*at least this one person is a super sweet girl and I will cling to her like a leech (She's one of my almost friends....pray I don't scare her off tonight...)

*I wish that I could still curl up in that cute ball like Aubrey does when she's sleeping. It looks SO comfy.
*Said ginormous belly is preventing such things.
*Aubrey is going to Almost Friend's house to play with her daughter while we all go to the work party tonight! 
*Praise the Lord for working out child care so I can go!
*My sciatic nerve is acting up ALL the time.
*I walk like a 90 year old...
*At least my old lady toes match my walk.

*I had Restless Legs the other night. It's a for-reals thing, RLS--Restless Leg Syndrome.
*if you have never been cursed with this infliction, thank the Good Lord. It's AWFUL! 
*As soon as I felt my legs take a turn for the feel-like-blood-is-rushing-into-them-SO-fast-that-they-are-going-to-burst-if-you-don't-constantly-move-them, I knew I had to text my sister-in-law Linda and make sure that it's what was happening. Poor woman has been having RLS since as long as I can remember and I now officially can feel for her! Seriously, you want to chop off your legs, it's THAT bad.


Amy said...

oo so excited for you to go out with Zach. And have a wonderful time!!!!!!

Marcy said...

Have fun at the party! Try not to shake the dinner table with your restless legs!

Astrid said...

Apparently your blog does not like me leaving comments.........
I've not been able to of late.
Anaways--pale pink. Huh. I was hoping you'd spring for the IN YOUR FACE pink that I got you. Whateva girl.
Have fun--and just make sure you dance the night away--no one will notice that you've got nervous legs.And if Aub-meist is going to your 'almost' friends house to stay, I'm pretty sure that that officially makes her your proper friend. You Go Girl!!