Scenes From My Phone....

Since Zach is working nights this month, Aubrey and I are "with car" right now. Yay!...buuuut there is a downfall: Aubrey thinks we need to be out ALL day, EVERY day. Not my idea of a fun time. 
When I tell her it's time to go back home from a morning out and about, she looks at me as though I told her she needs to cut off all her limbs.
She's about that excited to go home. 
Anyway, the other day we were at the dollar store and I thought to myself, "myself, buy this kid some cheap crafting supplies to lure her back home....".  Myself is a very smart person.

It worked like a charm, but next time I'm not buying the googly eyes. No thanks. 
Not gonna lie, they freak me out a bit.

I made an Indian curry chicken dish based VERY loosely on a recipe I found on The Pioneer Woman site--here
Honestly, I just used hers for inspiration. I'm not one to follow things to a tee...I like to live on the edge a little ;)
It was ahMAHzing (anyone else watch the show Happy Endings?!? SO funny)! 
Seriously, I used one of those cooked chickens that you get for super cheap at the grocery store, some left over potatoes, a bunch of other random stuff from the fridge and a little Naan bread and it turned out so perfectly!
It brought be back memories of the little old Indian couple that used to sell food at the schools main bus stop in Grenada. And that's a good thing people!
I believe the exact text I got from Zach when he finally had his lunch...dinner...whatever you call eating on a night shift (mostly "food-on-the-run" would be about right. Or  "take-a-bite-and-get-paged-because-a-patient-just-got-a-little-uppity-with-a-cop-and-got-himself-tasered") was "This is SO GOOOOD"
Yay me! I'm not a great cook...I do OK, but it's not my passion, therefore it lacks most days.
Just being honest.

I'm on book three in this series and it has me gripped. It's not the most amazingly written book but.... Confession: I LOVE books on the Amish. Seriously, I'm addicted.....to the point I stay up until 1AM so I can finish the book that I started when Aubrey went to bed....that same night. 
I'm tired today.

These are good...and hitting the spot today.
Again proving how classy I am.
The End.

(Spell check hates me for this post...well, most posts. I'm pretty sure I love me some extra letters in a word.)


Amy said...

ok googly eyes don't in general creep me out but those do...

that chicken curry looks amazing.

cops tasered a patient... need more details.. stat.

LOVE me some Beverly Lewis! I think My mom has all her books ever written.. and I love the Amish novels too... oh kindred spirit.

and powdered doughnuts... you are one classy dame.

i like the whole my day in phone picture thingy.

Astrid said...

Well, this post brought me back to when you were little. Mind you,you're still little. Hold it, hold it, hold it............. Since when did you have a nearly four year old child, a husband who is a doctor, and living in an American state, AND knocked-up to boot. That's a whole lot of stuff accomplished by the age of 10 ;)
Jen, I loved this post. I loved the peek into the day of you. That you cooked up something incredible ( we were raised with a love of cooking, let's be honest!) and those powdered doughnuts. That just gave me a flash-back to Funks Supermarket ( which I hear is making a come-back by-the-way).
Anaways--- i love dollar store crafty goodness. I am actually heading out now to go buy some crafty stuff so I can make Christmas decorations with Cobs for the house. I went on a Craft Day yesterday-------good times. We'll need to chat all about it. And you'll have to get Jack to tell Jo about the tasering incident.....sounds like good stuff!!

Astrid said...

And I meant to say that we were NOT raised with a love of cooking. That needed clarified!

Sean and Kristin said...

Stupid blogger just erased my comment! Anyway, that curry looks amazing!! Remember that Kwality Indian food place in Grenada? I don't think you liked it but I did mmmmm. Yay for a car, boo for Zach on nights, and I like your craft ideas I will keep that in mind for when Alina gets older :)

]p.s. how about a belly shot?? :)

Marcy said...

Are you aware there are about a zillion Krisy Kreme's just outside your door? These powdered donuts...aka Doughnuts (pronunciation Du-hug-nuts)...look a little sad! Hmmm, I'm saddened by the fact that spell check is not aware that the spelling of donut is incorrect.