My Day...

Well, this day did not go as planned. Don't get me wrong, we were stuck at home(as usual), but today had an unwanted spin on it. 
Aubrey woke up at 6 AM and proceeded to start throwing up. Non stop. Seriously. 
Now if there are 2 things you need to know about me it's that I LOVE my sleep in the mornings and I just don't do vomit. blech.
And vomiting close to me while I'm pregnant and close to it myself nearly all day?!?! Let's just say I thought that I'd be joining her a few times. It was touch and go for the first few times. Fun.
I'm happy to report that she's on the mend and that after over a dozen "fun moments" this morning she stopped throwing up. Yay! 
I still have no clue why she got sick, no fever or anything. Weird.
All that mixed with her and I having a joint nap today, that started at 2:30 and went until almost 6 PM?? I'm guessing it's going to be a messed up night. Wish me luck....


Astrid said...

Hope Aub-meist is feeling better and you got to go on that airplane ride---or the day trip into Atlanta! Whatever it was, I hope it was GOOD!

Amy said...

Man... that stinks and odd. Hope she is feeling better. Glad she got in a nice long nap.