A Little Bit Of This And That....

*so I did a little redecorating on the ol' blog today. Am I the only one who gets bored with the way their blog looks? Their blog title? I could change it every day if I wasn't so lazy.

*We'll see how long this one lasts.

*I was looking back at some of my pictures from England....

*Ummm not helping my longing to go back.

*I'm just past 12 weeks now(at least I think that's how far along I am...going to head to the doctor's when I'm back in good ol' Canada in a few weeks and get that all figured out).

*I had about 2 whole days where I didn't feel like complete and utter crap. Annnnnd I'm back to feeling sick today.

*good news? I got a vacuum in today during my 1/2 hour feeling OK, hurray!

*bad news? I feel complete shame at the amount of crap in my Dyson.

*all I want to eat is this.....

*and it's all the way in Grenada....how do I get around that??

*where did this little girl go???

*said little girl has been going through a no-nap phase. No fun for me. 

*Yesterday and today she's made up for lost time with 3 hour super naps. Yay for me!


Astrid said...

Where do I start?!? Those pictures even get ME excited, and I live there!! I was having one of those 'I love living here' days. Took the boys to Walby today, the sun was shining and it was HOT!--Jacob was on the climbing wall and in his happy place--Asher was on the go-karts and in his happy place---Jo was at home with Aniya while she was sleeping so I was in MY happy place. Then I went to get a take-away, while the sun was setting and I was walking outside in my tank top!!!!---it was still so warm!! God is good. We are both in such incredible places, and sometimes we need to forget about all the junk we need to deal with and just remember the good. And there's a whole lot of it! Lovin' the Aub-meist too! And I'm sad Yaya has grown out of that jacket. Love it!

Amy said...

Wow what an amazing blog makeover. Looks lovely.
And those shots from England.... Oooh my. To die for.