Things I'm Thinking...

*I miss living close NYC
*I think there might be light at the end of the potty training tunnel....I think it's finally sinking in....we'll see!
*Zach and I (and Aubrey) are headed for Canada in less than a month
*Zach's little brother is getting married(WEIRD!)
*the weather is cooling off at night! I went out the other morning around 7ish to bring out the garbage and it was "cool"!
*I could go for a gyro from this place in NYC....
*Pregnancy cravings are kicking my butt.
*Big Macs and Ramen Noodles do not a skinny woman make.
*I have wonderful "morning"(more like "all day") sickness. So excited for the 12 week mark, hoping it goes away then like it did when I was pregnant with Aubrey...we'll see.
*I want to fly to England and see my sister and her family. And I HATE to fly, so that tells you how bad I wanna go.
*I'm loving the rotation Zach's on right now, some days he gets home early...like 5pm early!! We actually get to see him!
*We tried our first church here last weekend, it's not quite the church for us, but it felt great to go.
*I started to do the lay out of the quilt I had posted about and I'm loving it so far :)
*I haven't sewn much since moving here, I need to get my crafty butt in gear.
*I'm excited for the weekend, even though Zach has to work on Saturday(booooo).
*I'm thinking a Big Mac is in my foreseeable future...
*And those Ramen Noodles I just had were gooooood....

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Amy said...

Nice. And this is the first post that you spoke of LT.... Yippie, your first blog about your second baby, a historic event. Glad Zach is getting home earlier. You want me to try and over night you a gyro? Lol i would for you... I would. Can't wait to see your quilt. Glad it is cooling off around sevenish....