New Complexes and Other Things...

*I think I'm going to stick with random posts because that's just how my head works. Deal with it.
*Prepare yourself, this is going to get REALLY random...
*Aubrey told me that my legs felt prickly like a cactus....I think it's time to shave.
*I got my eyebrows threaded at the mall last week and the guy (yes, guy...?) threading them asked if I wanted my lip done as well.
*I now have a mustache complex.
*Aubrey is swimming with her head all the way under water now! From one end of the pool to the other....it may be in our tiny 6x10ft pool in the back yard, but it's leaps and bounds better than the beginning of summer. She's also too cool for her floaties, love it!
*We bought a BBQ(charcoal) last weekend and are addicted to grilling! mmmm steak...
*It looks as though I will be rocking maternity wear a lot earlier in this pregnancy.
*I don't feel like I was adequately prepared/warned for the second baby bump.
*The good news is I've been going through my maternity clothes and I still love most of it...even though it's mostly sweaters and they'll be moot here until December...
*I. Love. Pregnancy. Nails. (does that make sense? Should I clarify? They are super strong, so they don't break...aka, long nails for Jen for 9 months!)
*I forgot how wonderful big, sexy, full panelled maternity pants feel! Seriously, I'm all about the full panel, none of this tucked in below the waist business. I'm going all out.
*I forgot how hard it is to find nice maternity dresses...
*I've been on the hunt for Jordan's wedding and I think I finally found two to choose from.
*No, my bump is not at the maternity dress stage yet, but it sure will be in five weeks time. It's getting large and in charge.
*I've got an appointment with my old hairdresser from Canada and I'm so pumped! No one does foils like Tammy, she's a genius! Every time she touches my hair it's perfect.
*I have not had my hair cut/colored since early February...I hope she doesn't laugh...
*There was a frog in our pool yesterday morning....weird.
*I was so sick of caffeine headaches that I now choke through a cup of coffee in the morning because I feel it's better than mass amounts of Tylenol.
*I'm sick of being sick.
*It's still hot.
*The End.


Astrid said...

So many things to comment on..... Tammy?!? I'm jealous. Not of the bill at the end of it though, gotta say!
Look at Aub-meist swimming! That's hilarious! And I LOVED the video Zach sent of it--so cute.
I hear ya on the full panel maternity trousers. I was so against it with Jacob, from a vain point of view, but by Aniya, realized it was the only way forward. Glad you still love some of your maternity stuff. I found that too with most of mine. Good for the budget ;)
And comment regarding your last post-------COME TO ENGLAND!! ;) X X

Amy said...

You do not have a lip mustache! how dare he....

Seriously you don't. I think your hair looks good. and it is not really rooty.

I for one, LOVE your random posts.

Aubrey swimming all the way across under water! WOW.
get that girl to the YMCA for some proper swim lessons.

maternity clothes... they are much cuter now then the horrid clothes from almost 20 years ago.

I love that you are getting your hair done in Canada.

Sean and Kristin said...

As soon as you get a bump I want to see pics posted!! I had the same problem finding a maternity dress to wear for Sean's brother's wedding, what a pain. I also wore the full panel, they were comfy! hehe. Love the pics of Aubrey, she is a doll! Hope you start feeling better soon!