My Morning....

consisted of watching Aubrey gather every single pillow in the house and create this. Not quite sure what it is, but I will tell you that she has been happily drawing in it all day.

I'm loving the look of concentration on her face, that doodle pro thingy takes a lot of attention.
Showing me her creation :) No matter what she's working on, it always involves an A and an E. Not quite sure why, but it does. She'll be drawing a picture of a flower and somehow those letters will slip in.
And this is where it took a little turn for the crazy. I mean, she is the daughter of Zach and Jen so things tend to take a turn for the weird...just sayin'.

Yup, she is so cool.
I can't for the life of me get her to stop pointing with her middle finger! Seriously, how do I do it with out pointing out why it's bad form?!?
Love her---even if she took 2 months to potty train. Which, by the way, I think she finally is!! Not at night though....still in a diaper then, but I'll take what I can get! AND to test her out, we went out on Saturday for a few hours to run errands, and she was in her underwear the whole time...with NO accidents! About time ;)


Laura Jo said...

Go Jen (and Aubrey)!! I knew it would get better, but is sure doesn't feel like it when your cleaning up accidents multiple times a day! I love Aubrey's hair pulled back like that...super cute and stylish! :) Jason still points with his middle finger, but he is old enough to know better!!

Astrid said...

What's wrong with pointing with the middle finger ?!?! Mrs. Tan LOVED it, and look how far it got her?!
Is it wrong that I am coveting all your cushions?!? I love them! And that big massive one that the Aub-meist is sitting on?? Are you kidding me ? LOVE IT!
Yay for successful potty training! Now you get to run to the toilet with her a hundred times on the plane! I think that's Jo's favourite thing to do on a plane ;)