You Asked For It.....

This is your fault, you asked for pictures of my place and now you have to look at this mess. Yup, all your fault. Here it goes....
My sewing room/Zach's office/guest room is up a set of stairs and is the only room on the second level(in a converted attic).
Mess. BIG mess. For some reason I have zero motivation to deal with this room. As much as I want to get back to sewing, I can't bring myself to deal with it. I can only deal with little doses of sorting/unpacking/organizing while Aubrey is sleeping, or watching a show.
We've got the general layout down, and pretty much all of the unpacking. May not look like it, but we have made progress! I totally called the window for my desk, and I pretty much take up the whole office, save for one wall. I think it's fair seeing as to how he's only used the office once so far and is working 12+ hour days and will never been in there. See my logic?! I'm good.
There is TONS of storage off of this room(because it's in the attic), there are two doors(you can see one in the above picture, off to the left IN the closet) leading to huge storage spaces in the attic/sauna. We toyed around with the idea of putting our workout bike in there and going for the 5 minute sweat workout ;) Seriously, it's so hot that I'm not storing candles or anything that could remotely melt in there.
And here it is after a rare day of me sequestering myself in this room for many hours. Sorry for the dark pictures, couldn't be bothered to retake them! You know how long it takes to fold fabric all the same way?!? Seriously, I LOVE my fabric stash, but we needed some time apart after this particular day. Absence, after all, does make the heart grow fonder.
I still want to refinish a few pieces in here, they're all garage sale specials :) And I would love to find a cutting/ironing table too. It will go smack dab in the middle of the room, it bothers Zach that all the furniture lines the walls! Funny guy.
And here's his teeny tiny corner....oh, see? He doesn't even get a full wall! Muahahahaha!
{and for the record, those boxes are now unpacked.....everything is strewn on the floor, BUT they are unpacked!}


Amy said...

Yes you deserve the window.... Absolutley! I love it. A table for cutting ironing will be awesome right in the middle.can't wait to stay in the huge sewing / office / guest room by the way my favorite cabinet is so lovely withnall the beautious fabric folded in it. I need some close ups of that one please. And what is that amazing little yellow peice ? i don't recall seeing that little beauty?....... More more more i need to see more.

Astrid said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I love your house. Can't wait to come and see it! ( but if those boxes are still there, i may just have to give you a beating.) that's all i'm saying.